• Paula M

10 truth to accept

  • You want to be successful professionally you will have to work very hard, make sacrifices, and above all, be lucky.

  • Never leave conflicts unresolved with the people you really love. When we say that life can stop tomorrow it is TRUE. There is nothing more consuming than the guilt of losing a loved one you were angry with.

  • Having old friends that you still get along with and stay close to is a treasure. Take care of these friendships as you would take care of your family members.

  • No offense to some, true love does not last three years, but can last a lifetime as long as it is nurtured and listened to the needs of the other.

  • There are a lot of frustrated, dissatisfied and envious people on this earth. Some manage to live with this frustration and remain good people. For the others, those who will try to make you suffer or to swallow you, don't waste your time! These people will NEVER change, and they will never stop hurting you !!

  • You have to be curious about everything and accept all forms of experience as long as they do not harm others.

  • They say that money does not buy happiness, but it is not. Money is used to have a roof over your head, is used to heal you, to give gifts to those you love and to travel. But it is the poor distribution of money on the planet that makes the poorest of the poor.

  • Seeing a psychologist is not a shame. You should never wait to get help. Therapy hurts in the moment, but it's there to help you move forward, resolve conflicts that you couldn't resolve on your own, and ultimately heal and no longer suffer.

  • If you're unhappy at your job and can't change careers, tell yourself that your job is not YOU. There are sweepers who are big names in art history, and physics and chemistry teachers who are completely stupid ...

  • Life doesn't go by that fast… in reality, it's your memory that will compress the irrelevant memories, the routine and the boredom. . So make your life full of surprises, new experiences, and great first times!

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