• Paula M

11 things that people should remove from their lives.

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

  • Any item that you have that has not been used in the last 6 months (clothes included with exceptions such as swimsuits, which are generally only used in summer for some)

  • Toxic relationships, family and friends, in real life as on social networks

  • All unread emails that are a few months or even years old. They consume a lot of energy, and therefore hit the planet and contribute to the global warming crisis

  • SUGAR, for fairly logical reasons

  • Notifications on your phone, with exceptions such as SMS or calls

  • All types of debt, to the extent possible

  • Alcohol, cigarettes and anything that is toxic to the body and mind

  • Trinkets, which often only take up space and serve as dust traps (and make cleaning longer and less pleasant)

  • All duplicate photos, and badly taken photos

  • Animal fats, the number 1 cause of all cardiovascular diseases and therefore of death (especially precarious deaths)

  • Stress. Easy to say but also easy to do if you listen to yourself even a little, which unfortunately you are not indoctrinated to do naturally

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