• Paula M

7 most difficult and useful skills to learn

Here are 7 skills that are difficult to master but definitely worth the effort.

1. Plan your sleep: Most people know the importance of good quality sleep, but never get to sleep on a regular schedule.

2. Listening: We all know how to talk endlessly, but few can listen carefully. I'm talking about giving your full attention to the other person, and being totally present with them.

3. Control Your Thoughts: Most people blame others and always criticize the world. It takes some work to develop a positive thinking model, take responsibility and change things.

4. Be Vulnerable: Whether it is a professional therapist or a loved one, most people will never fully express emotional vulnerability, that is, they will never be able to express their repressed emotions.

5. Delay gratification: That is, learning to do things regularly over the long term, whether it is playing sports, studying or working. Most people are still looking for this quick and easy fix; they never have in mind that we must wait and be patient.

6. Meditation: Meditation teaches us how to stay in the present moment, seeing every thought and feeling as it arises. It took me a year of daily meditation to reach this stage.

7. Being Curious: It's a shame that we lose our curiosity and enthusiasm as children as we grow older, in the name of maturity, and eventually become boring adults. It is difficult to find this passion for life again, but it is still there and it is worth to find it.

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