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6 Rules to know

Rule # 6: People always tell you who they are. Believe them the first time.

We tend to ignore the facts and embrace or even fall in love with the idea of ​​the people we have built in our minds based on who we need them to be - not who they are. really. Sooner or later reality will collide with such imaginary constructions and pain will then become inevitable. From the people you plan to work with to the people you plan to integrate into your life, try to remain objective and minimize your idealization so that you can discern their true faces before it's too late. It sounds difficult, but it isn't: everyone unwittingly helps you with this task.

You see, people have an uncontrollable urge to tell you who they really are. Every. Moment. But, don't listen to their words. Words are compressed air, they have little meaning and are worth even less, especially for narcissists who, once they get to know you, will tell you what you need to hear. It is their actions that you should pay attention to; their actions always tell the truth about what is hidden behind the social mask. And they will tell you who they really are. So be careful that you can hear what they are saying - and believe them. Only actions count.

Rule # 5: Protect what's yours. Keep everyone else away.

A man needs three things: a steel sword to support his family; a silver sword to keep the beasts at bay; and a pure heart to be able to distinguish the two. Sometimes that last part can get a bit tricky, but you need to keep a clear line between Home and World.

Rule # 4: Do your best. Everytime.

If you want to be able, even when you bow your head, to sleep with a light heart and a clear conscience, you have to be able to honestly say to yourself, “Today I did my best”. If that wasn't enough, tomorrow you might get another chance - or maybe not. It does not matter. Your best is all that can be expected of anyone. Including yourself.

Rule # 3: Forgive the shortcomings of others. Everyday.

When others let you down or even intentionally cheat on you, let it go and forgive them. Of course, it would be unreasonable to expect anyone to forget, especially during major life-altering events, so you may have to forgive them over and over, whenever the memory flashes back. For a while, it may need to be done every day. Still, keep forgiving and let go.

There is no point in wasting your future by staying in the past. There is only one direction in life: forward. And the road is far from easy so try not to weigh yourself down with old weights. Especially if you don't have to wear them. Because what they did is not up to you. It is to them.

Rule # 2: That too will pass.

My friend lost her mother very young. She still misses her very much - yet She survived. A few years later, She was paralyzed for several months. She wasn't sure if She would ever be able to walk again - yet She fully recovered. Ten years later, human littleness deprived her of the post of university professor for which She had worked all her life. Almost immediately after this major professional setback and despite our 9 years of marriage, her husband, who apparently was there for the best but not the worst, left her. And She had to deal with all of this at the height of the Greek economic crisis, which left her unemployed for over a year. Of course, She had to give myself some time to recover; but you know what she’s still there, standing, shoulders square, a smile on my face, ready for anything. Last year She bought her new home, paid for in full on the day it was completed.

And I am telling you all of this only to make you trust me when I also tell you that no matter how hard or unhappy you find yourself in, and however deep and dark the hole you seem to be in. currently trapped: that too will pass. Happiness is a choice. This is not where you are. This is what you choose to focus on.

Rule # 1: God loves you and watches over your every step.

The vast majority (84%) of people believe in the existence of God. However, it is only when one has confidence in his loving providence that the powers of faith are unleashed. You will never know from what horrific results your "bad luck" has protected you.

Yes, try to enjoy life as much as you can, never forgetting that this world is our exile. And that only lasts a little while. So it doesn't matter whether we are rich or not, whether we are successful or not, or even whether we are healthy or not.

Because sooner or later, one way or another, we all come home.

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