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How to become the best version of yourself

When I was still studying, I was filled with doubt. Once I left the school benches, I decided to take charge of myself and begin a journey of personal development.

Here are 9 essential things that I realized:

  • Do what you love.

Many say that happiness resides only in the mind, even if you do the worst job in the world, that every day is a gift, you must be able to look for happiness in the little things ... I don't know about you, I would have liked live in this denial, but I couldn't persuade myself. Change what you can change, if your work environment does not suit you, act according to your goals. Work at McDonald's if you have to, but work with your dreams in mind. If you manage to do what you are passionate about, you will progress naturally, without any effort, this is called success.

  • Surround yourself with the right people.

Throw in toxic, overly dependent or one-sided relationships, a relationship nurtures two. Choose your friends, those you can guide, those who are role models for you, those who pull you up and those who are sincere. The rest are a waste of time or worse, brakes.

  • Self-discipline.

This is the second component in becoming a better version of yourself. It is certainly one of the hardest skills to work with, but it is the one that makes successful people successful. If you manage to set yourself a framework in what you do, you will strengthen your willpower. Thanks to this will, you can go as far as you want. The goal is also not to waste your time on Earth for trivia like procrastination, hanging out on Twitter, video games (what a mistake I made there ) Work while staying focused, do not distract yourself. Do not put off until tomorrow what you can do today. Push yourself to act. Create a schedule to optimize your day. Go to bed at a specific time to get complete sleep. Get it right now, don't hang out on your phone or Youtube watching cat videos

  • Consistency.

If you are regular, you will reach your goals more easily. Playing sports every day, revising your lessons every day, writing a page of a book a day, working on a project every week, etc. Rome was not built in a day.

  • Take action and stop thinking.

I am someone who thinks, who thinks a lot, who thinks too much. No matter how much I read hundreds of personal development books, I thought about myself, it was just ruminations. My brain was quickly reverting to its usual "I can't do this", "I'm afraid to do this" thought pattern…. The moments which completely changed my mentality and which made me grow, are those when I decided to act. This is the only way to prove to your brain that you can do it. Since then, I can observe my progress concretely and in a factual way. - Get started on your world tour - Ask your boss for this increase - Go and approach this woman you like - Change your eating habits - Launch this business project

  • Make mistakes.

Accept the fact that you will make mistakes, and I would even tell you to seek to make them. It's the best way to learn and improve. Try, fail, try again.

  • Stop judging others.

Stop the criticisms and hasty judgments. At the time, unconsciously, I observed each passer-by and I made my value judgment as if I were legitimate to evaluate them, I poured out my resentment and my hatred. The day I tried to quit it did me a lot of good. Less time wasted unnecessarily, More energy saved.The only person you have to compare yourself with is your past "you". Strive to become a better person every day than yesterday, even if you improve by 1%, after 100 days you will be 100% better.

  • Be forgiving and proud.

No matter how much progress you make, reward yourself. No matter what mistake you make, forgive yourself and move on. This is the only way to progress.

  • Play sports.

I'm not going to dwell on it, I think everyone has said it a thousand times already. Sport transmits values ​​such as perseverance, rigor, but above all, surpassing oneself. You will learn to push your limits. There are only benefits to both your health and your mind, whether long or short term.

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