• Paula M

Fake Friends

In friendship as in love, there are pearls and gems, and then there are people we would have done better not to meet. The details are not apparent at first, which is why we can bond with people who turn out to be toxic or harmful to us. For me, toxicity has taken different forms.

Here’s some tips to help you figure out if your friends are "real":

  • A good friend encourages you in your projects, gives you his support and helps you within the limits of his means. On the other hand, a bad friend belittles you and struggles to support you.

  • A good friend is there when things are going well but also in difficult times when everything seems to be going against you. On the other hand a bad friend is only there when life smiles at you, as soon as it gets a little gray, he/she disappears in the fog.

  • A good friend gives you his opinion, also advises you but without ever judging you. A bad friend judges you and can cross your boundaries and disrespect It.

  • A good friend tells you what he/she thinks and settles his/her account with you between four eyes. he/she is sincere and honest with you. he/she can criticize you but only in private and only with constructive criticisms which can help you. On the other hand, he/she always defends you in public and only speaks well of you in your absence. On the other hand, a bad friend is false and hypocritical, he never misses an opportunity to put you behind your back.

  • A good friend is not jealous of you, he/she is genuinely happy when you achieve an accomplishment. And if he/she sees you achieving something that he has not yet done and aims to do, he/she does not envy you but rather sees you as a role model in this area and asks you for advice. On the other hand, A bad friend will always minimize your successes and seek to highlight your failures.

If your friend possesses these traits, it does not mean you should end the friendship and block her immediately. However, you probably might have to pay intention and probably hold her accountable.

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