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Good habits you should adopt!

Read. If you don't read, you're not going anywhere. Read at least 30 minutes a day.

Absolutely no screen 30 minutes before sleeping. Instead, read a book, take a walk, play with your children, meditate or chat with your family.

Take care of your appearance. Iron your clothes, comb your hair, cut your nails, put on perfume, walk and sit with your back straight. You will never believe how much more confident and energetic you will feel just doing this.

Organize your life. Keep your bedroom tidy. Keep your table clean. Keep a calendar of your appointments and things to do and organize your life around them. You will never believe how it can make you feel like you are in control of your life just by doing this.

Give up social networks. Visit sites like Coursera, Blinkist etc, which gives you knowledge, news and useful information, not gossip or the life of someone else who has absolutely nothing to do with you.

Stop staring at your smartphone while you walk. Look up, watch the people, watch what's around you..

Constantly challenge yourself mentally. Solve puzzles, learn a new language, learn to write with your left hand (if you are right-handed).

Healthy living, i.e. replacing caffeine with fruit juice, sleeping early and getting up early, drinking plenty of water, staying hydrated, exercising regularly and watching your diet (a balanced meal , reduce sugar intake, eat fruits and vegetables every day)

Stop the gossip and stop complaining. Losers talk about people, successful people talk about problems, visionaries talk about ideas.

Research something. Always set something that you can research, your children's education, your investment plan, how to use Excel more efficiently, how to cook different types of eggs, how to cook different types of eggs. how to calculate the probability or just general knowledge that will be useful in your daily life

If you have an idea, things you want to do, write it down immediately. Any new knowledge you learn, write it down immediately, explain it to yourself as a 5 year old, try to teach it to someone if possible.

Learning to speak in public, the most useful skill you can have.

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