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How to create good relationships?

here are six simple tips to create a good, long and lasting relationship.

  • Leave your past relationships in their place if you want to create a good relationship. Don't let the experiences and hurts of your past relationship get in the way of your current relationship.

  • Dare to new experiences. It is the new experiences of a couple that form these beautiful memories that you will fondly remember in the future. In fact, they are the basis for meeting, sharing and strengthening the relationship.

  • Leave the fears behind. Like the fear that he / she will know you more, that he / she sees this dark side in you, fear of investing in the relationship, fear of giving in to suffer in fine ... All fears concern what could happen or what has taken place in your life. Live in the present, with this in mind: you deserve love. If you have the chance to create something wonderful with someone, do it! Don't let any fear get in the way of what you deserve.

  • Your partner is your teammate. A good relationship is one in which you communicate as in a team. A good team focuses on having fun, finding solutions and not guilt.

  • Don't hold back your emotions, speak in the moment! Talking is something that serves two purposes: solving problems and enjoying the moment with your partner. Thus, you make sure something very important: Live in the moment, without repressing!

  • Work on your jealousy, if you are. Regarding how you feel. Don't get overwhelmed by jealousy without doing nothing about it. Decide how you want to transform your emotions and work hard on it.

  • Bonus: leave your partner's secret garden. Sometimes it is good not to venture into the most intimate bubble of his / her partner. We all need a space of our own, and sometimes to be comforted there, alone. A healthy relationship comes with respect for the individuality of each person in the couple.

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