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How to improve your state of mind?

By questioning yourself as you do.

Your state of mind is the beginning of many things in your life, positive or negative, and so you can have either a growing state of mind or a fixed state of mind.

The fixed state of mind means that the person believes that their talents, skills and intelligence are fixed. Thus, she very rarely if ever seeks to cultivate her talent or learn more because she thinks it is of no interest. For her, success is about talent and if she doesn't, she won't. As a rule, she avoids challenges and any source of discomfort. She often gives up, does not like to make an effort, compares to others and ignores advice. The fixed state of mind is a limiting mental bubble because it prevents these people from finding fulfillment.

The growth mindset means that the person believes that their talents, skills and intelligence are constantly changing. She firmly believes that she can become smarter and more talented by putting in the effort and keeping on working. She understands that her efforts have an impact on her bottom line and so she redoubles her efforts to keep improving.

Usually she thinks that failure does not exist or that it is a source of learning, she draws on and praises the success of others, she accepts criticism, embraces challenge and discomfort. The Growth Mindset is a liberating mental bubble because it gives these people the opportunity to discover their potential, to surpass themselves and achieve fulfillment.

Obviously, it is obvious that the growing mindset is much more attractive and that is normal. But it also requires a lot of work, effort and sacrifice. And especially time, you will understand why.

I'm going to compare our mindset to software. At birth, we come into the world with an empty slot. Our parents through their education and their own state of mind teach us certain things and principles, which come to settle in the place provided for this purpose Our activities, if we spend time outdoors, with animals, with people , to build, create, draw or watch TV, they will also fit into our location.And finally, comes schooling with its lessons, learning, socialization, respect for rules, compliance , fear of failure, these elements take up a lot of space in the location.

As this version of the software is obsolete today, you obviously need to update it. And that's why I say it takes time. I am not going to get into endless debates, but our education and our schooling are not absolute truths. The study, work, home, child scheme is not the only rule to follow.

We realize that this pattern produces adults without passion and close to burnout, trying as best they can to explain to us why we should be like them. We must therefore unlearn. And that's why it takes time, because we realize that we are not that bad, that our diploma is not so important, that we can live with passion, that we don't is not done only to work and pay bills, etc.

To "unlearn" you have to learn from other sources, you have to open up to new things and cultivate your awareness.

There are quite a few ways to improve your state of mind, the first thing you can do is in my opinion the most powerful, it changes Men, it gives them the ability to live several lives, to see further, to question the world, others and oneself.

  • Reading .

The world is full of quality books, giving you access to years of one person's research and experience on any given topic.This person has been thinking for 2 years, 5 years or a lifetime and you can access that reflection in 300 to 900 pages, what a pleasure (and what a saving of time) In addition, you can add writing to it.

  • Writing.

Take a notebook and every morning write in a few positive phrases, things you dream of, things you want to achieve or have. Also write down your thoughts on a topic, your reflections or your concerns, which allows you to outsource while keeping the peace. In the evening, get into the habit of entering 3 wins of the day or 3 things that made you smile, so that you know that you are on the right track and that happiness is in the simple things.

  • Learn to spend time alone.

The company goes fast, as soon as a notification pops up we have to grab our phone within a minute to see what's going on. Being able to spend time alone is a feat now when it is necessary to live in peace and refocus on the essentials.

  • Meditation

In the same vein, take time for yourself to breathe, to breathe a little, to let your mind escape and release certain fears, anxiety or stress. This practice leads to a good state of mind and high self-awareness.

  • Surround yourself with good people

The people around you have more of an impact than you think. If you and your friends get together every weekend to celebrate the end of the week and multiply the tours, there is something wrong. Likewise if your discussions boil down to video games and the women you have seen this week. Surround yourself with positive, impactful, motivated and motivating people. They will help you in your projects, they will pull you up because they want to see you win, they are not secretly in competition with you.

* Watch personal development videos

* Set goals

* Make affirmations

Your brain believes what you tell it the most. Don't tell yourself that you suck, or you will be.

* Express gratitude

* Embrace the challenge

* Be patient (very)

* Read motivational quotes

* Play sports

* Do a dopamine detox

* Improve your diet (Food and mental)

* Smile (It's free and it feels good)

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