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How To Lose Weight Easily

To change your diet, you need to reduce your calorie intake moderately, that is, you need to cut down on fat and sugar first. Respect for good eating habits is essential

Don't skip meals that need to stay big, especially breakfast. Eat a light meal in the evening; Don't eat anything except meals. If you are hungry between meals, drink a cup of water, coffee or tea without sugar. Drink water before and during meals;

* Continue to eat starchy foods at each meal: pasta, rice, potatoes or bread. They provide a feeling of fullness and provide the energy you need, as well as fiber. However, everything that accompanies them should be limited: fatty sauces, butter, cheese, crème fraîche, etc. It is therefore necessary to consume these starchy foods alone or with a seasoning without sugar or fat;

  • Eliminate sugary carbonated drinks;

  • Eliminate alcohol and beer. You can continue to drink wine, preferably red, limiting yourself to one glass per day;

  • Avoid eating away from home as it is more difficult to control your diet. In restaurants it is sometimes possible, with friends it is more difficult ... If you have a good meal together, you must then try to reduce the quantities and above all never refill a dish;

  • Choose lean meats and favor poultry, without the skin, fish and shellfish;

  • Beware of hidden fats: avoid all meats in sauce, fatty cold meats, gratins rich in milk, butter or cream, gruyère and eggs, fried foods, pastries and pastries, sweets and chocolate, ice cream, appetizers cakes ;

  • Eat vegetables at will and in all their forms: raw, cooked, in soup;

* Eat two fruits a day,

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