• Paula M

Loving ourselves

This is a concept I struggled with during most of my childhood and teenage years and one day I came across this magical phrase: you will never be someone other than yourself. Poor self-esteem, dissatisfaction with oneself is often linked to the desire and desire to look like other people: like a celebrity, someone who is more successful than oneself. However, we should always keep in mind that we are all unique and we all have strengths that make us different from others. Start by accepting yourself and then giving your all to be the best version of that person, take care of your mental health, showcase your own qualities and listen to your heart. Here is my formula. So the important thing is to identify the reason that blocks you from loving yourself. Once you find the problem, it is easier to take the necessary actions to find a solution. I don't think it's that simple but if you put the effort in you will make it happen. On the other hand, here are some tips that have helped me and that I hope can help you:

1- Stop comparing yourself The comparison will only engender anger towards your body. Make the decision to stop doing it.

2- Accept your body Accept that the perfect doesn't exist, that every body is different. Admire your strengths and try to showcase them.

3- practice gratitude Appreciate all the things your body can do. A healthy, active body is a beautiful body.

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