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"The queen’s gambit "review

Certainly due to its marketing policy, focused on quantity, rather than quality, Netflix completely and pleasantly surprised me with this series.

The rise of a young chess prodigy is not the most impactful selling point for the subject of a miniseries. Like many viewers, I got completely into the game of this fake biopic of unstoppable strength to place us in the middle of a chessboard where the hatching of his young heroine as queen of the discipline is a master tactic aimed at unveiling her orphan bruises, her loneliness embodied in the comfort of a universe she can control, her dangerous connections with artificial paradises or her timid but very touching affection for the rare people to whom she chooses to reveal herself.

It must be said that we are instantly caught up in the game, the episodes ranging from the discovery of the talent of this gifted to her rise to power in men's championships make them spin as fast as a green capsule in the mouth of the heroine!

Whether or not you know how to move a knight on a chessboard, the staging of the series is full of inventiveness to make you vibrate with every game on the screen, make you experience their intensity with virtuoso ease through a variety of staging ideas that command respect.

Despite a few heavy strings at the end of the race, "The Queen's Gambit" is a nice little masterpiece that clearly manages to align all its pawns on a highly addictive line.

I even surprised myself looking on the net for articles on the "Sicilian defense".

We must also pay tribute to the excellent technical work carried out and its transcription of the 1960s, whether in terms of the atmosphere, the decorations, the landscapes or the colors ...

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