• Paula M

What are the signs that tell you that you should exclude someone from your life?

  • They like to take but not to give. They demand your time, energy, and attention, but never give you anything back.

  • They are pathological liars. They are always dishonest and keep lying to you even about small things.

  • They ignore your limits. Instead of respecting your limits, they walk over you.

  • They are always right. Or that's what they claim. And even if a miracle happens and they admit their fault, they will never apologize. They are simply unable to recognize their own mistakes.

  • They play the victim card. Life treats us all unfairly, there is no doubt about it. However, according to toxic people, they are the only ones to receive an "unfair treatment" of life. And instead of trying to do something to solve their problems, they always blame everyone for their woes.

  • They feed on your flaws to hide their jealousy or boost their self-esteem. All they do is talk about others and they rarely, if ever, have anything positive to say about anyone.

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