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What is the easiest psychological trick you can play on someone?

  • To keep people in one place: If you're in a meeting and some people try to leave, although you haven't finished speaking, stay seated. Most will sit down. To get people to agree with you: Nod your head as you ask your question or try to convince the person in front of you. This unconscious signal works almost every time.

  • To maintain the gaze, be natural rather than pushy: Maintaining eye contact is of utmost importance to create a connection, but sometimes it can cause discomfort when one of the two individuals forces the gaze. However, there is a good way to maintain the look while remaining natural. What is he? Try to observe the color of the other person's eyes while talking to them. By doing this, you make sure you keep eye contact without disturbing the person.

  • To get you associated with positive adjectives: Compliment the person. It will automatically associate you with the adjectives you assigned to it.This phenomenon is known as spontaneous trait transfer and occurs even when people know that the traits you have assigned to them are not for you.

  • To make others happy: Try to communicate positive emotions as much as possible. This effect comes from emotional contagion which as the name suggests, means that people are influenced by the mood of those around them.

  • To be appreciated: Reveal your flaws occasionally. Depending on the pratfall effect, people will like you more if you tell them about your mistake. There is a caveat, however; this technique only works if you are already seen as a competent person.

  • To make it seem like you are listening carefully, even when you are not: Paraphrase what someone just said and repeat it. Remember not to be too specific, though.

  • If you want to get someone to hold something for you: Hold the object out while talking. Most people will ignore the item you hand them and grab it. Note that this technique may not work on people who are naturally more attentive and less close to you.

  • To get closer to a person: Highlight your common values. Otherwise, try to find something in common that you have with the person in question and underline it. This can be explained by the effect of attraction of similarity that you are attracted to people who are like you.

  • To leave a good impression of your conversation / interaction with someone: Let them speak for themselves. One study has shown that when people talk about themselves, the brain's reward system kicks in, meaning that talking about yourself leaves a feeling of reward.

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